a dick which is so short, that it does not "hang" over the ballsack; thus sticking straight up, and having no difference between limp and hard in length or size.
he tried to triz; thats when I saw he had no bend
by Weso April 02, 2007
Top Definition

The tip of a males genetalia.

Can also mean:

Dumb, Idiot All sort's

E.g: I spent $100.00 on this bottle of beer.. "You Nob end"
by Kierts March 20, 2006
this is related to the name calling of a idiot, or a complete wanker, certainly not a kool person
"hey do u know that nobend called hannah?"
by thomas wilkin July 19, 2008
A derogatory term for an individual, like Nob but more insulting.
Peter is such a nob-end.
by TheDailyRant May 15, 2005
An annoying person, exactly the same as cock-end
dude1: dude2, you're a right nob-end
dude2: yes, I know (whimper)
by Carnophage December 15, 2004
Something which does not have a bend.
"No bend - like a drag racing track"
by Cunt von Cunt November 06, 2003
dumn shit who is a total wanker
by dom March 21, 2003
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