me and my friends word for "nub" which was from "noob" which was from "noobie" which is mainly a cstrike term, the word has evolved from it's originating word
my brother is such a nob at counter strike
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
The end of a man/shemales penis
The nob stopped my hand from slipping off
by john howard April 26, 2003
"Nigger off the boat"

When a FOB (fresh off the boat) starts using ebonics before learning proper English and talk gangster-like.
"Shiat, jigga, lemme git some of dat wonton lah...."

"TMD homie, that's so weak neh...."

"Kao, u so gangsta, u a nob!"
by Hanzo918 December 21, 2005
Non-Operating Bitch
In construction, a heavy equipment operator is a nob if he is unskilled. He is a non-operating bitch.
by drunomad April 30, 2003
acronym of "number one bitch"
Jenny is my n.o.b., I love her and she's always had my back.
by 123AC December 04, 2015
A nob or a.k.a nigga on a budget .
I am unable to go out this weekend due to the fact of me being a nob.
by Simon Taylor December 01, 2015
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