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Noah Rennell Schoch Smith, Son of Michael and Nancy, brother of Seth. Said to be Atholton's best 215lb. wrestler of all-time. Competed in football for the first(and last) mentally retarded head coach in Atholton history, Chuck Fales, where he played defensive line, offensive line and dabbled in Tightendery. Played baseball as well, was said to have hit balls far, that's about it. Not known for his large penis or well-shaped testicles and commonly referred to as a "pre-mature ejaculater." Famous for his uncanny similar looks to Jim Carrey and to make matters worse acts much like the depressed comedian. Yet, he embraces this characteristic and wonders why he can't get laid. Totes long wavy hair and when cut short, appears as a 13-year old. Last heard, he currently attends lycoming college where he participates in football, wrestling, and chronic masturbation.
Hey, did you hear about that guy Noah? Yeah, he sucks.
by Frank Stewart, son of tank March 19, 2005
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