Top Definition
The term used to say "down below"

1. Discovered from a joke.
2. Rob likes saying to britnay alot.
3.Funniest word ever
You know what i want, touch my no-no spot.

by Jimbo May 25, 2004
nono spots are places boys are not aloud to touch girls or vise versa. a nono spot on a girl is usually located in the groin area chest area and backside, a nono spot on a male is usually not located at all but in the odd case a male does have a nono spot its usually the backside because they dont want to be anally intruded.
girl-hey your not aloud to touch ther thats a nono spot

guy-gosh darn it! god slam it!
by JonnyHopkins April 20, 2010

1.The anus, ass, arse, fudge factory, turd cutter, bung-hole, cornhole.
Jill doesn't like to have sex like other girls. She likes it in the no-no spot.
by flyguy! September 25, 2009
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