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An unmaintained hoo hoo.
"Geez, that's a no no!"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun March 18, 2003
1. Someone's private area; an alternative to the word "hoo-ha."
2. A song by Ringo Starr about not wanting to snort cocaine anymore.
1. Hay! No toucheh of deh no no!!
2. "No no no no no no I don't (snort) no more..."
by whootylalalalalala August 26, 2009
an extremely powerful pain reliever, typically prescribed for back pain. typically found as 1000/325
I wanna pop (eat) a few NoNos
by Mr. NoNo April 20, 2010
A non-vulgar term for the male genitalia
"He put his nono near her nani."
by Bob February 18, 2005
A No-No refers to a perfect game thrown by a pitcher in baseball. NO hits, NO walks. It is commonly misused to refer to a no hitter in which walks were allowed.
Roy Halladay threw a No-No in the 2010 postseason. He is still a loser for being a Philly though.
by Baseball Expert May 08, 2011
Categorising not permissible
Those are all definite no nos, such as do not comdemn, do not insult, do not gossip, do not judge, do not belittle, do not antagonise, od not criticise.
by Hercolena Oliver December 18, 2008
1. A condescending way to say "no." Use "no no" when a simple "no" will not suffice.
Idiot: "Isn't AOL the internet?"
Non-AOL user: "No no."
by Val October 22, 2001