A No-No refers to a perfect game thrown by a pitcher in baseball. NO hits, NO walks. It is commonly misused to refer to a no hitter in which walks were allowed.
Roy Halladay threw a No-No in the 2010 postseason. He is still a loser for being a Philly though.
by Baseball Expert May 08, 2011
Top Definition
something forbidden, something against the rules(from an essentially juvenile euphemism)
Beards are a no no in the military of many countries.
by The Return of Light Joker February 16, 2008
what mommy says when you have done something spectacular
kid: mommy look i hit the neighbor with a baseball bat
mom:no no!
by you drink pp March 27, 2003
A baseball game in which no hits were allowed by the pitcher.
That was a nice no-no that Eric threw yesterday. or
Did you see that awesome no-no ballgame that Kevin threw last night?
by SAVern April 25, 2008
In Puerto Rico, the word "ñoño" also means "coddled" or "spoiled rotten" along the same definition as "clingy" and "mama's boy" or "daddy's girl." It is very similar to the word "mimado," which means spoiled or pampered.
"Ese niño está muy ñoño. Le dan todo lo que pide sin ningún limites." (Translation) "That boy is spoiled rotten. They give him everything he asks for without any limits."
by SrsFellow June 10, 2013
A puertorrican term meaning a silly naive person who can't stand up for him/herself. Very similar to pendejo.
Your cousin is still the same ñoño as usual.
Tu primo sigue siendo el mismo ñoño de siempre.
by Taino Boy September 10, 2005
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