to rule out the homosexual context of a something said to another man.
yo, whatever man suck my dick, no homo.
by diamond cutter October 01, 2003
A phrase that makes you straight NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY/DO.
Idiot Male 1: I find men attractive and I love to suck cock. I also like big black dick up my asshole.
Idiot Male 2: EEEEWWWWW.
Idiot Male 1: No homo.
Idiot Male 2: Oh, Okay.
by FrigidAir July 29, 2008
the most annoying thing to say after a sentence.
its even more annoying when they say it and its not even homo.
do people really feel the need to remind themselves/others that they really arent homo anyways??
dont say it kids; its stupid.
insane person number o1: max is 'coming'... no homo.
sane person number o1: okay whatever, youre a freak.

insane person number o2: i love you... no homo.
sane person number o2: thats not homo. i know were just friends!
by imaloopynutjob March 20, 2008
It is added in a sentence:
1. to make it sound less gay.
2. to say if you're not kidding; Seriously.
1. Paul and I had each other's back all the time, no homo.
2. No homo though, Paul was a good friend.
by joooon July 26, 2005
often a phrase used after someone says or does something homosexual
"hey bro I love you man no homo" "thank god you said no homo or else I would've thought you were homosexual
by vince e. February 01, 2009
After someone says something that sounds gay(for boys),or les(for girls),when they don't mean it in a gay or les way.
Girl:No Homo,but she's pretty
by TheTruthIsMe March 01, 2011
A phrase said after something that may be misconstrued as homosexual.
I'm gonna fuck you in your ass and cum inside you, then you gonna eat the cum that drip out, whiteboy. No homo.
by RapeUboyz July 05, 2006

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