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a phrase which should be immediately followed by the phrase "none taken" by those who want to be considered polite.

woodrow: i want you to use my cum as mouthwash and then put it back in my mouth, no homo.
rilesworth: none taken.
by rilesworth April 03, 2007
non homosexual way. like to not mean anything gay or faggot.
Lamar and Tejas hooked up for some sex, no homo.
by fransisco aka whodie February 11, 2005
just kidding, no offense, sorry, dont worry man im jk, originating in Westchester, New York.

Tom: I smoked all your trees.
Ben: ELL NO!
Tom: No homo..no homo.
Ben: haha oh.
by CAMELOT August 04, 2006
no joke no kidding im for real
I just found $100 no homo
by CoaCoa June 04, 2004