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something you say after a sentence that sounded gay but wasnt intended to sound gay. can make things really funny, especially after a teacher says something really gay
1) the test is really long and hard, said mr smith

no homo, said james

2) "dude yesterday these two guys just pounded me so hard, no homo

3) dawg your weiner is too big, no homo
by NAStradamus October 29, 2006
28 36
Term used after somthing is said that inadvertentley sounds gay, creepy, or weird.
"That kid Jess is really flexible on the field, no homo."

"Here's the CD I made for your sister, no homo."

"No homo, but on that kid David's facebook his picture looks ugly!"
by matteo and Jess October 23, 2009
3 12
When a guy says or does something that could potentially be viewed as gay or homosexual, he "calls" no homo, just to make sure the other person knows.
Guy 1: I think I'm just gonna sit here and watch movies with my buddy tonight.
Guy 2: No homo
by BrotherJake November 08, 2008
2 11
Immediately annuls any homosexual activity, making clear the straitness of all participants.
Tony and Will were buttfucking, but it's okay, it's not gay, because they called no homo.
by Carlos Quintana April 29, 2007
24 34
means for real , legal , serious no joke.
i just did a backflip in the air no homo.
by eeouh February 26, 2010
3 19
when you say something gaylike...and dont catch it till afterwards and try to cover up the massive amounts of gayness behind it
Samuel:"Ben, I'll be coming soon."
Samuel:"NO HOMO!"
by defnohomo July 10, 2008
3 24
Imbibing an entire bottle of flavored Andre champagne. Often done while wearing ridiculous hockey jerseys and listening to ridiculously gay music. Can also refer to the Andre itself.
Smitty and I are going to No Homo at Warrick tonight and go freaking nuts, dude.
So should I grab 1 bottle of No Homo for each of us?
Mmmm... better make it 2.
by TheChop December 16, 2008
10 36