A phrase used at the end of a gay sentance, so it doesn't sound gay. You can say anything and get out of it by saying no homo.
You have a very nice penis, No homo.
by sardonica13869 July 10, 2008
1.To decline sexual (may be homosexual or nonhomosexual) references that were meant to be taken in a nonsexual context.

Originally referred to only things that could possibly be taken in a homosexual context. It has now evolved to anything sexual.
Ex 1 (homosexual reference)
Person #1: Man, can you believe that Dick Cheney did that?
Person #2: Hey say what you want, but I love Dick!
Person #1: PAUSE! You wanna try again?
Person #2: My bad homie...NO HOMO! No homo extreme.

Ex 2 (nonhomosexual reference)
Person #1: So what happened last night?
Person #2: Oh she came (no homo) and we were up all night.
Person #1: What! All night?
Person #2: Oh..it wasn't like that! No homo...we were just studying.
by MikaB October 18, 2007
When one says something that makes them sound gay or "homosexual" and then fixes it by saying "no homo."
Straight guy- "man hes got some hot shoes!"
friend- "uh..."
Straight guy- "no homo"
by D-R-O-C-K May 15, 2007
A phraze coined by Juelz Santana that shows that you are not gay after inadvertently saying something that may sound very gay
"I love my niggas, no homo" - Lil Wayne
by gtaboy February 10, 2007
something you say after a sentence that sounded gay but wasnt intended to sound gay. can make things really funny, especially after a teacher says something really gay
1) the test is really long and hard, said mr smith

no homo, said james

2) "dude yesterday these two guys just pounded me so hard, no homo

3) dawg your weiner is too big, no homo
by NAStradamus October 29, 2006
This is a phrase used when someone in the room or someone nearby says something with the orientation of it sounding gay.

Everyone else must say "no homo" when this happens.
Jeff: so I was watching Dancing with the Stars and I couldn't believe how they could dance in high hills.
(everyone else): No Homo!

James: The new "Jonas Brothers" album is really good.
Fred: really?
Mike: No Homo!
by Fredrich Nietsche July 31, 2009
"no homo" is a term to be used before or after a gay act or phrase.

saying this will justify any thing homo or gay, that is done or said
"no homo, homeboy is packin heat"

"dude, you have pretty eyes... no homo!"
by A-Wadd June 24, 2009
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