Basicly the two words that get you from being called gay by your friend if you say something gay.
dude 1 " yo man ill suck your homo"
dude 2 " WTF?"
by The Fig Newton Monster March 04, 2008
The usage of this phrase negates any homosexual references that may be used in the sentence.
"No homo Cris, you're good looking."
by MikeyJ August 18, 2007
A term used exclusively by homosexuals to reassure straight people that they are, indeed, a homo.
Guy 1: Hey man, thet sweater is totally cute on you... no homo

Guy 2: FAG!
by mrpopo123 August 31, 2010
A phrase used at the end of a gay sentance, so it doesn't sound gay. You can say anything and get out of it by saying no homo.
You have a very nice penis, No homo.
by sardonica13869 July 10, 2008
1.To decline sexual (may be homosexual or nonhomosexual) references that were meant to be taken in a nonsexual context.

Originally referred to only things that could possibly be taken in a homosexual context. It has now evolved to anything sexual.
Ex 1 (homosexual reference)
Person #1: Man, can you believe that Dick Cheney did that?
Person #2: Hey say what you want, but I love Dick!
Person #1: PAUSE! You wanna try again?
Person #2: My bad homie...NO HOMO! No homo extreme.

Ex 2 (nonhomosexual reference)
Person #1: So what happened last night?
Person #2: Oh she came (no homo) and we were up all night.
Person #1: What! All night?
Person #2: wasn't like that! No homo...we were just studying.
by MikaB October 18, 2007
"no homo" is a term to be used before or after a gay act or phrase.

saying this will justify any thing homo or gay, that is done or said
"no homo, homeboy is packin heat"

"dude, you have pretty eyes... no homo!"
by A-Wadd June 24, 2009
Catch phrase that Lil' Wayne said on one of DJ Khaled street mix tapes rapping to the beat of "We taking Over" This phrase was also sending a message to all the people who called him gay when Bryan "Baby" Williams kissed him.
Lil Wayne: It's me, its me the rapper eater. Feed me, feed me. No HOMO!
by Sublimek May 03, 2008

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