n. a reverse mohawk. Resembles a fro with a strip shaved from forehead to nape of neck.
I made my fro a nohawk to match my girlfriend's mohawk, and now we can get close enough to kiss.
by fizzle October 04, 2004
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The haircut that which is the inverse of the 'mo-hawk' The middle region of ones dome is shaven bald while on either side above the ears the hair is grown and usually spiked/gelled up. Popularized by Keith Flint, lead singer of Prodigy.
"Jimmy's hairline was receding and he wanted to remain fashionable in terms of his hair so he utilized the no hawk to effectively remedy both these factors."
by manus flanagan May 05, 2003
The attempt of a man with thining hair to keep his once great mohawk, akin to the skullet in this aspect. Rarely seen as once the hair thins enough to be noticable people ether come to their senses or can't afford enough hair products to make such few hairs remain vertical.
"man you still sporting that thing? It's been like 30 years give it up you just have a nohawk now...."
by Geddes!!!! February 22, 2007
when a person who usually sports a mohawk wakes up really late a particular morning and doesn't have enough time to put up their mohawk.
Alap what's up with your nohawk?

I woke up really late today.
by Rameez Q. August 31, 2008
The female "faux hawk" that has been done so many times, that it's lovingly called a "no hawk"
This was been mistakenly over-done with such celebrities such as Gwen Sefani, Mandy Moore, Paris Hilton, and the lead singer of Garbage.
by Jeanette August 09, 2004

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