(Proper Noun) An extreme butt hole of a human being. Will often claim to be a straight male but is known to be either a gay or bisexual male, or, more likely, a lesbian with an overgrown clitoris. Derived from the proper noun Noble, when used as a name. Is often seen to be wearing two faces, neither of them pretty, crying over his own patheticness to anyone who will listen, and trying to persuade his ex that she would be better with him than with the son of God himself.
Ha, look, here comes Tommy Noballs! He suffers with distinct lack of genitalia!
by 69flowerchild69 August 19, 2008
Similar to snowballs; out of nowhere an unexpected, unpleasant event occurs when least expected the noballer smacks you right in the face for no good reason. Often performed by wussies and cowards who then run away, never to appear again.
Noballs- A man who stands a woman up for no good reason and doesn't respond to texts or calls.
by Baffled and confused January 10, 2011
a guy that will never get fucked
ERick has no balls
by Anonymous March 09, 2003

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