In the case someone says no if it is exaggerated with many o then it is meaning: nooo we have english pride time tomorrow (bad) but, if the person says no with nothing added to that it means that activity is not happening for example: no english pride time tomorrow! (good)
(bad)nooo we have school tomorrow
(good)no school tomorrow
#no #noo #nooo #noooo #nooooo #noooooo
by GAHO February 19, 2007
A word that means 'negative' In most situations but can somtimes mean yes in a sexual sitution involving one very shy partner and is often mistaken to mean yes when it does not leading to lawsuit.
"Do you like me?"

"...not in the way your thinking..."

"GREAT! let's have secks"

"No I mean it. Please go away."

"...Someone on urbandicitonary sad 'no' means yes!"


"YES!" *rape*

"...That was a good orgasm. I'll see you in court on saturday." *leaves*
#no #rape #stupidity #irony #random
by chaoscontrot October 09, 2006
Indicates possesive speech in Japanese.
Sensei no misete kudasai to kiite kudasai.
(Please watch and please listen to teacher.)
#yes #won't #will not #answer #know
by Kaori November 28, 2005
Someone who is such a noob that they dont even deserve the O and the B
Your such a noob that you dont even deserve the other half of the word, your just a no!
by Pwnedmiles February 25, 2005
what my girlfriend always says to me
Nerdy Bob: hey, u wanna go 2 the movies?
Girlfriend: no!
by Nerdy Bob May 01, 2003
question: Ya wanna?
Answer: NO
by Megan February 27, 2003
Men: Denial or Refusal
Women: Yes
Gf: Let's fuck.


No sex

Man: Let's fuck.
Woman: No.
Sex still happens
#not #yes #maybe #woman #man
by Lana_nicole May 31, 2014
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