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the answer to anything that parents/annoying people ask you...
mom: Pick up your shit
you: no
mom: I'll ground your ass
you: no
by a mother fucking boss January 27, 2014
Meaning, No, that's not it.
The opposite of yes is no.

Person 1: Are you divorced and looking?

Person 2: NO and NO, where did you get that information from?

Person 1: Urban Dictionary.

Person 2: I see.
by Somerandomperson1234 February 24, 2013
The most gangster thing a kid can say to an adult
Father: Listen young man; you go to bed right now!!!
Son: (turns slowly to dad) no
Father: (turns to wife) He said no. What do I do? (freaks out)
by Kevin aka the greatest October 03, 2011
another way to say convince me.
Bill: " hey u wanna be my girlfriend?"
Kim: "no"
Bill(not giving up): "but we'd be so great together, ill treat you like princes and get u a present every day and...(blablabla)"
Kim(warming to the idea): "mm i like the sound of that..... what else?"
Bill: continues to give reasons why they should go out, thus changing Kim's mind.
by haymekay December 19, 2009
A Giant bear, related to any bear species; A Very Large Bear.
Hey, Is That A No?

You are being such A No.
by Da Bomb Shelta November 08, 2007
The greatest reject word in the world, used in a yelling voice.
Nerd: Bitch give me some mutha fucking Captain Planet.
Guy: NO!
by FUCK EDITORS August 06, 2007
when someone says something really sad and stupid, you NO! to their comment and they will shut up
cool dude: whoa that building almost looks like the gondor temple lol
me: NO! not funny no one likes you, you have no friends
by joshan November 15, 2006