What you finally say when the bad times keep coming and they severely outweigh the good times with someone and you just want it to end.
Do you want to go out with me?
No. I don't want this.
by bad times February 01, 2013
The only counter to when someone says "k."
Dumbass #1: "STOP BEING SUCH A PRICK!!!!"

Dumbass #2: "k."

Dumbass #1: "no."
by DouchebagAssociationOfAmerica August 28, 2012
The opposite of yes. Used as a word to decline.

Also portrayed as a way to say "GTFO" "STFU" "F*** off" etc.

A misconception (whether intentional of accidental) is that "no" means "yes". The person who asks might be stupid, or really desperate for something. Something along those lines.

The powerful word "no" can also ruin your life.
Sam: Wanna go the movie theater?
Jon: No.

Jack: Hey buddy! Hows it going?
Jon: No.

Mary: I'm bored. Can we hang out at my house?
Jon: No.
Mary: Okay then!
*Mary drags Jon by his arm*

Jon: Will you marry me?
Kate: No.
*Jon frozen in shock*
by The Ninja Cat December 08, 2011
Internet utterance used when confronted with surprisingly undesirable outcomes.

NÖ is a word emoticon. It combines the word "no" with the emoticon :O.
(Internet chatroom)


STRANGER87: What's up?


by 3zNOW October 30, 2011
The most gangster thing a kid can say to an adult
Father: Listen young man; you go to bed right now!!!
Son: (turns slowly to dad) no
Father: (turns to wife) He said no. What do I do? (freaks out)
by Kevin aka the greatest October 03, 2011
The way most illiterate dumbasses spell "know" online.
Bob: "where do u wanna meet up?"
Mark: "i dont no"
by hiokay May 11, 2011
A rather crude yet oddly satisfying way of explaining in a sarcastic, inquisitive way the word no. Instead of actually using it to actually ask a question at the climax of using the word no, No? typically means : I'm being sarcastic, you fool.
Mr Smiley : So, I hear you like used pen lids?

Mr DoubleSmiley : Hmm...No?
by YeModestMustache March 08, 2011
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