A word that eventually means yes and makes rape sexy
Ten no's and one yes always means yes!
by WW2014WW August 07, 2014
A sudden exclamation, traditionally a sarcastic cry of discontent. Usually uttered in a childish voice if spoken, or typed in all caps with Izyized punctuation. Also seen as "OH NOES"
Izy in a thong! My EYES, I'm BLIND! OH NOES!!212111!
by ( . Y . )Lucille Ball February 05, 2003
What people say when they see/hear something really stupid.
Someone: Hey! Guess what?! Last night I went to a party, got high on LSD, drank 50 gallons of beer, and had sex with all 150 girls in the house!
Me: No.
by dj gs68 August 23, 2003
Can often mean Yes and rape cases often manifest themselves from this popular misunderstanding.
"Do ya think I'm sexy?"
Do you fancy sucking my dick?"
"Alriiighty then..."
by OB July 27, 2005
A reply that can be used for almost anything.
Person1: Hey, you know that t-
Person2: No

Person1: Hey man, how are you?
Person2: No

Person1: Hello
Person2: No

Person1: I LIKE PIE
Person2: No

Person1: No
Person2: Hey, you stole my line!
Person3: No
by teiu88 October 05, 2013
No is no. No is always no. When they say "No" it means a thousand times "no".

Finger pointing eyebrows low. Mouth in the shape of the letter "O".
-"Pardon me..."
-"Excuse me..."
-"Can I stay, will I go?"
-"NO NO NO!"
by LOPcagney November 08, 2005
No means exactly what it says.
Although No is a very short word it is a somewhat complicated one which some people as some people fail to understand. What part of No do you not understand?
by Stias October 07, 2005

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