Sometimes it means yes.
Are you gay?
Me too. Let's have sex!
by Toxisac September 16, 2004
Means Blow Jobs!!!
No i will not do that; but i will give you a blow job..
by mel6081 March 14, 2011
Work the neck the nipples and try back in five minutes.
*man tries to finger his girlfriend*
Girl: *shakes head* "no"
Man: *understands. Rubs her neck plays with her nipples tries to finger her again in five minutes (Success!)*

Now he is one step closer to being a man.
by Sexytimewithme August 01, 2010
Guy: Wanna go back to my place?
Girl: No.

Guy: Hey, want to fuck?
Girl: NO.
by [][][][][][][][][][][] June 26, 2010
No: opposite to yes.
{teenage girl} Can i have some money to go shopping?
{mum} No.
{tg} Can i go this pary?
{mum} no
{tg} why not?
{mum} because we are going to nannas b'day party!
by Carly Sayno June 20, 2005
One of 3 words in a DDR Freak moderator or administator's vocabulary, along with 'warn' and 'locked', this word is used to express discontent with content forum users have decided to post.
Ruzel made a new thread and Iguanagrrl locked it, simply saying "no."
by Ruzel May 04, 2005
The name of a song by the band, 'They Might Be Giants'
no is no, no is always no...
by Dogman April 19, 2004

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