NEW ORLEANS AKA N'orleans! A wonderful city in the durty south (but full of stalkers in the gift shops). The women here are fyne as hell and have that sexy thickness to must be all the creole food. The sights are wonderful and the weather is great!
I'm about to catch a flight to N.O, I heard the women do and stick all on the flo'.
by Woman4Women April 02, 2008
when someone says something really sad and stupid, you NO! to their comment and they will shut up
cool dude: whoa that building almost looks like the gondor temple lol
me: NO! not funny no one likes you, you have no friends
by joshan November 15, 2006
N.O is short for New Orleans.da town where lil wayne is from
aint nottin hotter den dat N.O
by reppinATL July 30, 2006
A back flip or backwards somersault that is executed while either stationary or in motion following another rotational move – used uncommonly and locally by some African-Americans in Saint Louis, Missouri during the 1980s and 1990s.
He did two handsprings and finished off with a no.
Who was the guy in the Olympics that did the triple no?
by seuber September 29, 2010
A statement by which a woman expresses her desire to engage further sexual intercourse.

Usually accompanied by tears of joy and violent body movements signifying arousal.
The plaintiff clearly shouted "no" to the defendant.
by maederokuh April 09, 2004
Sometimes it means yes.
Are you gay?
Me too. Let's have sex!
by Toxisac September 16, 2004
Means Blow Jobs!!!
No i will not do that; but i will give you a blow job..
by mel6081 March 14, 2011
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