An emotion where you don't want to do anything or talk to anybody.
Also equivalent to "Can you not?"
Random guy- "How's it going?"
Me- "no."
by okay, whatever, you suck balls April 08, 2013
another way to say convince me.
Bill: " hey u wanna be my girlfriend?"
Kim: "no"
Bill(not giving up): "but we'd be so great together, ill treat you like princes and get u a present every day and...(blablabla)"
Kim(warming to the idea): "mm i like the sound of that..... what else?"
Bill: continues to give reasons why they should go out, thus changing Kim's mind.
by haymekay December 19, 2009
When said in a disbelieving, shocked, or surprised voice it signals you didn't see something coming. Its said when all the evidence shows you one thing, but you still are in disbelief.
Dude1: Dude did you see Ashley?
Dude2: Not recently why?

Dude1: *points to Ashley making out with another girl*
Dude2: No... *is said in surprised and shocked voice*

Dude1: Awesome right.
Dude2: Hell yeah!
by Unit7 May 13, 2009
short way of saying Not Objecting. turning rape into consensual, rejection into acception.
boy: can i go out tonight?
fascist adult: NO
boy: thanks!
by om nom nom nom nom nom nom December 11, 2008
The word Mirko says to every question.
Me:"Mirko did you get those pictures yeeettt?"
Mirko: No
by Sabbysabs October 15, 2008
A Giant bear, related to any bear species; A Very Large Bear.
Hey, Is That A No?

You are being such A No.
by Da Bomb Shelta November 08, 2007
The greatest reject word in the world, used in a yelling voice.
Nerd: Bitch give me some mutha fucking Captain Planet.
Guy: NO!
by FUCK EDITORS August 06, 2007
The number sign.
Read as "number."
Interchangeable with the # symbol.
I'm No. 1!

No. 42 = Number 42.
by The Least March 26, 2007

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