An emotion where you don't want to do anything or talk to anybody.
Also equivalent to "Can you not?"
Random guy- "How's it going?"
Me- "no."
by okay, whatever, you suck balls April 08, 2013
No is no. No is always no. When they say "No" it means a thousand times "no".

Finger pointing eyebrows low. Mouth in the shape of the letter "O".
-"Pardon me..."
-"Excuse me..."
-"Can I stay, will I go?"
-"NO NO NO!"
by LOPcagney November 08, 2005
Can often mean Yes and rape cases often manifest themselves from this popular misunderstanding.
"Do ya think I'm sexy?"
Do you fancy sucking my dick?"
"Alriiighty then..."
by OB July 27, 2005
Scottish for 'not'.
"Would you like some tea?"
"No' fer me."
by cribbage guy March 29, 2004
a word used to disagree with something
i said no to my teacher when she said "give me your phone"
by lunch eater April 23, 2015
1. get the fuck away from me

2. shut the hell up

3. get the hell away from me and shut the fuck up
Hey Mr. can you help me read these directions on this map?

by wolf1566 August 15, 2013
"No means yes, and yes means anal." A phrase chanted outside the women's freshman dorm at Yale by members of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Yale didn't find this funny and banned the organisation for 5 years.

In most instances of sex, no means stop, as in, don't continue or this is rape. However, this word and it's cousin, 'stop', may be uttered during a consensual sexual encounter. If your partner utters this word more than once, ask them before proceeding if they really mean it.
"I mean, 'no' and 'stop' don't always mean that. I sometimes tell you to stop but I don't really mean it."
"That's because you like it when it hurts. No means yes."
"And yes means anal! So then what does anal mean?"
by Cutieville March 18, 2013
Powerful word that can instantly shoot down an entire conversation.
Guy 1: Hey dude I have this thing with karen, what should I do?

Guy 2: No

Jim: It probably makes a sorta "pit-pat" sound

Will: what are you talking about? It's silent.

Jim: But if it HAD to make a sound.

Will: No
by winpie February 03, 2008
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