a shit which requires virtually no wiping at all
EDDIE: hey man, i thought you went to take a shit

PIERCE: yeah dude im done, it was a no wiper
by ronnie_e November 03, 2010
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a dump that leaves behind no trace of the act
we're out of t.p. good thing that was a no wiper
by kipling January 31, 2005
A poop that comes out so clean that when you wipe,you find out that it was completley unnessasary to wipe at all.
I have to take a poop but im in a rush, i hope its a no wiper.
by OCnoSee April 27, 2009
(adj)-Describes the act of letting loose a huge duce and not wiping. Notibly one of the best feelings ever.
John: That was amazing! I pushed and pushed, and it finally all came out. It was a no-wiper. Extreamly satisfying!

Jamie: Dude, how did you know you didnt have to wipe?

John: I had a hunch.
by gayme March 10, 2007

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