Lacking the ability to do something well. Skills = 0.
Jack:I wonder who designed those Busted Tees and Noise Bot shirts...
Jill:They must have no talent whatsoever.
by Y0-Y0 June 19, 2009
Top Definition
Basically, every "artist" who has appeared on MTV and B.E.T. since 1997.
The movie Gigli is solid proof that Jennifer Jopez and Ben Affleck have no talent whatsoever.
by AYB October 22, 2003
Can be said about MOST rappers today...
These people have no talent whatsoever:
50 Cent
Pastor Troy
Three-6 Mafia
Kelly Clarkson
by Shawn B. June 01, 2003
99% of rappers out there!
talk about rims and money in every song. bling bling. wtf does that mean.
by rich December 01, 2003
Any "music" (actually non-music)artist that has recorded a song from any time since the start of Clinton's first term and still counting. Also called a Zero-hit wonder.
Most of today's rap and goth-metal artists have no talent whatsoever.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood August 21, 2006
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