a moron.
Taken from a quote in the movie Office Space
George Bush is a no talent ass clown
by Lindlof May 28, 2004
Aaron Maldonado
Aaron Maldonado is a(n) no talent ass clown.
by Anonymous July 15, 2003
one who just is a complete and total loser all around no ifs ands or buts about it
woody allen-what the fuck has woody allen done except make some of the stupidist peices of shit movies ive ever seen
by fuck you, thats my name June 13, 2003
a big nosed italian bastard
Todd Eckel is a no talent ass clown
by John Timmer August 15, 2003
From the Latin "Nay Talentus Assus Clownius". A whiny or otherwise pathetic person who lacks any prowess in his or her field, also lacking charisma.
eg: Chirs Carrabba
Boy 1: Wow did you see Dashboard Confessional?
Boy 2: No his music makes me puke in my mouth..
Boy1: WHAT?! WHY!?!
Boy 2: Because...he's a NO TALENT ASS CLOWN!
by Ken January 30, 2005

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