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spanish words meaning not to be played around with ; '' yea right '' ; dont fuck around ; no hodas.
no jodas hijo de puta.
no jodas yo no amo esa mujer
no jodas.
by Raffa August 19, 2003
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"No joda" is a spanish slang (commonly used by Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, etc.) Depending on your tone, saying "no joda" can either mean "Don't mess with me" or if you say it with an attitude it can mean "don't fuck with me".
No joda con mi puta!
by Estabanito February 17, 2008
95 66
A popular yet vulgar Colombian expression used to emphasize emotion, both positive & negative.
Positive use: nojoda, estoy feliz!

Negative use: nojoda vale, tu si que no vales verga!
by El Currambero October 10, 2008
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