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Something you say when you or someone else in your presence is unable to perform a task, usually due to being a pussy or a piece of shit.

It means "I/You/He/She/They don't got it." (in other words, "can't get it done")

Its origin is part English, part Spanish, and part Ebonics. Rap artist Mario Mims (stage name "Yo Gotti") is often credited for coining the phrase. It is one of many "gotti-isms", such as "yo gotti", "you gotti", "oh my gotti", etc., and has given life to synonyms such as "havvy", "haddy", and "getti."
Billy: Are you gonna chug that whole bottle of vodka?
Bob: No gotti.

Billy: Let's go get some bitches tonight.
Bob: No gotti.
by nogotticlutch August 17, 2011
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