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No homo
Whoa bruno brah
by t0x1c July 16, 2009
the term refers to the heavily homosexual movie "Bruno" and his homosexual exploits. You can use it to replace the term "no homo" before or after a sentence that can be confused o taken for a homosexual advance.

It is also an apology or a pardon for what I just said.
"This is mad hard, No Bruno"

"How do you like your nuts prepared, boiled or roasted. No Bruno"

"NO Bruno, pass me the sack of balls over there"

"Put this in your mouth, No Bruno"
by Supa!!! January 11, 2010
Dirty Rotten Radio's "politically correct" expression to disassociate themselves from homosexual remarks.
That hit the spot, no bruno.

That guy got it in, no bruno.
by Dirty Rotten Radio December 02, 2010
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