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Seen on wedding invitations, the couple are frankly demanding cash gifts. This has become a trend in desi culture, mostly among Pakistanis. It is considered bad etiquette and a faux pas by most people, since it is rude to mention gifts in wedding invitations at all.
guy: what should we get them as a gift?
girl: well, the invitation says 'no boxed gifts'
guy: are you serious?! that is so cheap. it's like they're asking for money. let's just give them a card and have it done with.
by gora_kagaz June 27, 2006
The "no boxed gifts" simply means that the couple prefers cash, which is a often a customary "gift" in India by persons other than close friends and family.
Commonly found on the bottom of an invitation:

No Boxed Gifts Please
by desiwedding September 01, 2010
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