acronym for "narcissistic myopic egocentric," used to describe an individual who exhibits narcissistic, myopic and egocentric traits. Pronounced like the word "enemy."
Q: How many NMEs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Just one, but they have to wait for the whole world to revolve around them.
by Neonietz March 29, 2015
N.M.E. (sounds like enemy)
Natural Male Enhancement
Sue is my N.M.E.
by Hauling Handyman October 26, 2008
Naughty Male Erection
Stop looking at that nme, so dirty!!
by Bobsnob March 18, 2008
Short for "enemy".
The nme base is locked down tight.
The nme is breaking through
I killed the nme spy, all clear.
by Argh July 06, 2003
NME is the indie bible. Consistently brilliant journalism and the best source for discovering new music.
"God bless the New Musical Express"
by Findrie August 07, 2005
A great magazine with mostly indie music in. It's not like Smash Hits as it has decent music in. It's been running for over 50 years and people of all ages read it. In other words it's not just for 11 year olds trying to be cool. It's till seen as a bible to the music lover.
It stands for New Musical Express.
I buy the NME every week!
by QueenOfThePixies March 04, 2006
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