a shortcut to using the words: "No Laughing Matter"
other dude: rotflmao!!!
dude: THIS IS NLM!!!
by ze pwn3r February 17, 2007
Keystroke pictogram for giving someone the middle finger. Also acceptable is the nlm mln (two hander), as well as the added thumb version ( \nlm mln/ ).
Hey Jeremy, nlm ya lick knob!
by Don December 03, 2003
Nobody Loves Me (NLM): The feeling you get when, after a long period of time, you check your email, phone messages, texts and social networking sites only to find no one has sent you anything. (In reality, its only been like a half hour...) Also Nobody Loves You/NLY
I took a nap for like 3 hours and when i went to check my phone nobody called or tried to text me. "Nobody Loves Me" or "NLM"
by headcircus July 07, 2010

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