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Diablo 2 LOD term, short for naked kill. In dueling on Diablo 2 LOD, when you die, you come back to life in town and without gear. You must run out of town to retrieve your body, which is when NK occurs.
Teh only way j00 can EVER beat meh is to NK you fucking n00b.
by f.ucktard January 09, 2004
not kidding
Phoungvu is a BK, nk.
by thomas the g November 03, 2008
North Korea(n) (Abbrev.)
Let's cross the 38th and kill some NKs!
by Chinazi April 18, 2005
refer to > you
I are not know what you are.
I are Nk.
by HoeLeeShit July 22, 2003

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