OK, it could mean "MY nigra," but try this... any time you see a word with 2 identical consonants, try all 5 vowels (and y) in place of it. Like :
nazzle (Todd Rundgren's first band was called "The Nazz")
nuzzle You see ? At least one of the vowels will be already taken !!
Another one :
dangle : tempt with an object tied on a string
dengle : undefined, perhaps something Chinese ?
dingle : this is defined, but I don't know what it is.. an ornament ?
dongle : a computer part
dungle : here's my definition : a small piece of dung that dangles from rectal hairs. A "dingleberry" is more appropriately a "dungleberry."
by Johnny Chingas May 09, 2004
Top Definition
1. nigga
"fo' shizzle mah nizzle" translating to "for sure my nigga"
by shizzlator February 25, 2003
A word white people should never use.
Whitey: Fo Shizzle my Nizzle
Black Ron: Wha you jus say, cracka?
Whitey: I saaay Fo SHIZZLE my NIZZ...
(gun shots)
by Dustin March 07, 2005
niggah; friend etc
Background: Originated as a resulted a random telephone call recording of inmates by prisons. Nonsnesical addition of -izzle to make any recorded statements unusable in court, because the words don't actually exist. Popularized by Snoop-Dog
Example: Sho I kizzled that bizzle...you know yo nizzle did dat shizzle.
"Sure I killed that bitch..."
by doc May 28, 2004
One of the many words that will not make one sound intellegent, cool, nor 'pimp.' Nizzle is a slang term for 'nigga' which was a term for a black slave, but now used as a slang term for black people to say to other blacks. If any other ethnicity uses 'nigga' the negro will be highly offended and will most likely 'cop your dome.' The word 'nizzle' was one of the many words to ruin the once-proud English language and has become one of the most annoying words in America. People who are most likely to use this word are nerds who want to sound cool, a black person who thinks nizzle sounds better then nigga, a wankster, white people who wished they were black, rapper wannabes, and people who wished they were someone like Usher.
Person #1: Dis nizzle is in tha hizzy!
Person #2: ...Tucker, what the f*ck are you babbling about?
Person #1: ...I said... "Dis nizzle is in tha hizzy!"
Person #2: Ok you just lost your speaking priviledges.
by Zaraki July 29, 2005
Nizzle is the product of Snoop getting all crunked up and saying "izzle" on the end of everything during interviews/shows. It has no meaning. Snoop is blazed all the time.
We put the freakness in the weakness f'shizzle nizzle bizzle whizzle
by www.beefytreats.org August 14, 2003
1. nigga

style made famous by snoop dogg which was derived from vallejo's rapper E-40.
by shizzlator February 25, 2003
A Black man's word fo Nigga. Orginated from Vallego, Californa's most wanted E-4o. Now said by Compton's Snoop Dogg.
Fo shizzle my nizzle that brizzle is hizzle.
(For sure my nigga that broad is hot)
by Cee Jay March 14, 2005
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