1. Any resemblance to clothing, music, art, and any cultural artifact from the years ~1971-1982.
2. Anything old school, also can be shortened to "nix".
"Yo, your throwback style is so friggin nixon."

"This wallpaper is so nix!"
by caralbrivana June 07, 2006
A kick ass watch company that a lot of companies bite.
You will know how long you have 'till bar-30.
by Lilly February 01, 2005
verb.(i.e. to nixon)

-to sweat excessively/profusely and not wear makeup or deoderant to cover up the stench and wetness, especially during intercourse. The worst nixon is a crucial nixon, during which the nixoner sweats all over the nixonee.
"Dude I pulled a crucial nixon with julie last night. It was gross, but kinda hot at the same time."
by aquamarinechestnut May 24, 2004
The sex act of putting a guy's balls in your mouth, one in each cheek, and humming the National Anthem. Can also be done on the penis. See dick nixon
She gave me the best nixon Ive ever had.
by noeyedea January 03, 2008
-speaks her/his mind
-tends to say more then she/he should
-has too many opinions
-tends to hurt people's feelings with pointless remarks
-believes they know all and everything
uggg s/hes being such a prick to me today!s/hes being too honest! what a nixon
by abacus April 07, 2005
Another name for the commonly used word "nigger".

Used usually in the presence of niggers so you can inconspicuously talk about them while they are near

Describes any type of black person, but usually darker skinned, not mullatos
Dude, all these nixons are creeping me! They keep eying me like I've got Grape drink or something.

Wow, I really hate these nixons
by Whitesnake April 29, 2008
A boy or man who openly acts camp and wears camp clothing but is afraid to show that they are a homosexual
Dude, Thom is such a nixon! He bought a candy man-thong for Will yesterday but still wont admit he's gay
by Jordan Field February 17, 2008

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