When you go down on a woman, vigorously lavishing in the act (see fnar fnar) while tweaking her nipples simultaniously.

The raised arms and facial action - much like the action of a motor boat, but to the snatch region, should be representative of Richard Nixon's double handed victory sign.

Best results are returned by mumbling "I am not a crook" into the vaginal area.
Woman: "Oh yes, Yes, YES! You are such a bad boy!"
Man (or woman): "ruhuhuh - I am not a crook"
Man 1: "What were those noises, and what's all over your face?"
Man 2: "Oh that? I was just giving your mum a Nixon"
by ArrSicaR March 02, 2010
After you get charged with a crime you get away with it.
Man I got a nixon in court today.
by c-town roller February 06, 2008
She only likes him for his large nixon.
Suck my nixon!
It looks like his nixon must have gotten caught in some farm machinery.
by MaxWilson October 20, 2008
another word for marijuana/weed.
How much nixon are you going to buy?
We got hella nixoned last night.
by duckyman12345 April 25, 2009
while a dude proceeds to bang an under age girl from behind,he then raises both hands give's the peace sign on both hands then say's "i am not a crook" giggity.
Dude I totally gave that girl the nixon last night.
by Sean Russell September 24, 2007
An obscure term for a turd, most likely coined by the author Kinky Friedman in his mystery novels
The cat left a nixon in Ratso's shoe.
by Refugee July 14, 2004
the raddest of the rad!!!!

the bees knees


----nixon is a new clasification of complete and utter awesomeness
"dude, that party last night was totally nixon"
by kniggles May 12, 2010

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