A horny indian; also a name of a person who comes from the indian race who is horny.

A person who claims not to be gay, but rubs guys

someone who takes money without paying back
Your fucked up just like nithin.

Why do you have to act like nithin
by BIg L every name is takin November 20, 2006
(adj.) Brawny, beastly, usually large in physique. Usually associated with hot tempered individuals.
dude, that guy was keepin it nithin, bench pressing 450 lbs. like that.
by captainkoolaid July 16, 2006
A guy that has a smart mouth and can burn someone bad. He is quick to twist words around and make the other person sound like a fool.
Nithin just tore you up.

You just been nithin-ed.
by flyingmonkeys96 April 15, 2010
To be Black and Gay aka kalu and shunnan
One day Nithin decided to pull a nithin and kiss some one on philly fest.
by jizzjizzer January 26, 2011

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