Crocheted items to put on your nipples to hide that you are cold.
She took off her shirt, and he thought her nitums were sexy!
by nipplesbecrazy December 07, 2010
Top Definition
someone who cares about people and is really sensitive...has one guy n only one guy in her heart and is friendly. shes nice and sweet and wont hurt you. gurls tend to hate her for no apparent reason. shes trustworthy and wont let u down.
gurl: ugh shes so prettty i hate her
guy: dont hate cos u aint as hawt as her, nita wannabe.
by nita April 24, 2005
A sweet girl and cherishes friendships. Teased on many occasions by friends. However, forgiving to friends or strangers who are inconsiderate, unless they were assholes. Almost always fucking hot and can easily get guys if she wants but isn't a slut. High maintenance.
Damn i was a dick to Nita, hopefully she forgives me its hard to get back to her good side.
by imcavemen August 21, 2011
Some girl at my school
Random Kid: Hey there goes Nita.
by Agra March 30, 2004
Short for "Nine In The Afternoon", a song/album name by Panic At The Disco
Omg, have you seen the hilarious pjs they wear in NITA?
by I'm just sayin... August 13, 2008
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