Japanese auto manufacturer...
introduced to the united states in the 1960s as "Datsun Motor Co." in an attempt to retain the integrity of the Nissan nomenclature in the event that their vehicles were not a sales success in the states. Fortunately they were a huge success, & they changed the Datsun name to Nissan in the USA in 1984.

Pronounced "Nih-san", not "nee-san" as stated elsewhere on this page.
1. Nissan cars are sold in many countries.

2. Boy I dont know about them rice-burning Nee-sans bubba.

3. Yeah my boy got a 86 Nissan Maxima w/ triple-crhome daytons & a kit... shit is straight off the hook playa, bet.
by Willy October 08, 2003
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1. In extremely innovative and ground breaking company that slowly began to (until recently) release boring, generic, water-downed, and de-tuned vehicles to North America.

2. A company; that despite tremendous enthusiasm and support, refuses to release outstanding vehicles such as the Skyline, Silvia, and GTi-R in North America.
Instead of the awesome sr20det powered Silvia, I'm stuck with this ka24de powered 240SX P.O.S.
by John September 01, 2004
Another japanese automaker. They make(d) cars such as the Skyline GT-R, 300ZX, Silvia/240SX, and the new 350Z.
Nissans will last you a long fucking time.
by insmod_ex August 11, 2003
An automobile company reintorduced into the wild after Renault began supplying funds. Nissan has proven that it is possible to build the most exciting, stylish, fast and affordable cars within record time.
GM needs to have revolution, they are too greedy and selfish to do so. However, if they did; they would become the company they were in the 60s and early 70s.
by Quest_owner July 11, 2004
Famous for the 1970 Fairlady S30Z(Datsun 240Z) ,1968 Skyline KGC10 ,1972 Skyline KGC110, and Nissan's straight six engines(inline six).
A naturally aspirated Nissan S30Z is the only thing I live for
by Mike Hippopatamus February 08, 2013
Makes Tight ass Drift carz such as Silvia. And other Dope cars such as Skylines and Zs
Johnathan has a Tight ass Nissan Silvia that he Drifts.
by PS13DoRiFuTaGOD March 12, 2003
A japanese car manufacturer that makes reliable cars, which unfortunately are more common than shoes.
All Polish people in Chicago drive a Nissans.
by MeHoW August 11, 2005
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