(adj.) Awesome, kick-ass, superrrrr, unbelievably attractive.
(noun) An awesome, kick-ass, superrrr, unbelievably attractive person.
(verb) To be, or act of being, awesome, kick-ass, superrrr, and unbelievably attractive.
(adverb) "Nishaly" ; see adjective + ly
"Without Nisha, it's just aweso."
by God Almighty Supreme December 02, 2007
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Literally means "night" - originated in India.
She is Nisha, breathtaking. She is the night.
by Nisha September 10, 2004
a very giggly and bubbly girl!! thats also most confused! wee!
example: Nisha.
by Nisha! May 22, 2003
the name originates from the sanskrit, meaning night. people named nisha , are usually very calm, and amazingly geniuses. they are very intelligent and have good senses. they have a good sense of humour, and very kind and helpful.
nisha's love water and very calm
by 123abchick May 05, 2010
The coolest, kick-ass, indian, super awesomest person in the WORLD. You can never ever meet anyone cooler than her. EVER.
I love Nisha because she is so amazing.
by LOHLOHLOH April 25, 2010
a really attractive look

a form of smoke chain
those new jeans are so nisha
by luvely March 04, 2009
Indian Goddess of the night and a defender of the womb. The name of a woman every other woman is jealous of because she can eat an entire cake without gaining an ounce. Gregarious, beautiful and gives the naughty no-no finger to careless drivers texting. Intelligent and a fierce defender of her "babies".
Give that reckless driver a Nisha.
by nrsvyz July 02, 2013

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