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Intelligence, especially 'street smarts'.
Come on Jackie, use your fucking nish, for God's sake.
by BigDonBricks June 26, 2013
the women's vagina
Taupin wishes he could have nish.
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
A euphamism for the feline vagina.
Wow, check out the Nish on that cat.
by Nishal April 10, 2007
Ethnic term for the vagina. Prominent in Jewish households.
Unable to hold her bladder, the young girl let pee escape from her nish into her clean shorts. Mother beat her accordingly.
by Reisser July 21, 2003
A member of the human race originating from Coventry but now residing in Loughborough. Key charatceristics include extreme overuse of ghetto slang.

Usually a nish can be seen replicating the functions of a windows media player.
You idiot, your being a Nish today.
by topboy June 07, 2007
Said randomly whenever something is boring.
"This is sooo boring!" said Cara "Nish..." said Laura
by Cara Bear November 07, 2005
the women's vagina
Taupin loves eating nish
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
the women's vagina
Taupin loves nish more than any other guy in the world
by Anonymous September 18, 2003