Intelligence, especially 'street smarts'.
Come on Jackie, use your fucking nish, for God's sake.
by BigDonBricks June 26, 2013
The almighty nick name of me *glares*
"hey its that really tall Nish kid"
"nish wanna come to town?"
by NishBish August 13, 2008
"Nish" comes from Anishinaabe, the tribe more widely known as the Ojibwe. "Nish" is used among friends and family, or even a complete stranger (as long as they're a Nish, too). Always used on friendly terms. It could be an insult if used in the wrong way, but why would you want to do that?
"Look at that big Nish! Right over there!" - nish #1
"Howah! He must have a huge nishnob!" - nish #2
"Sha hi!!!!!! You're so sick minded, cousin! Ayaa, but he is sexy..." - nish #3
by *Gurl-w-Curls* December 19, 2006
shortened term for the word danish as in danish pasteries, available in a multitude of flavors including strawberry, bear claw, and dingleberry.
Chris would eat a guys asshole just to get a hold of some nish.
by E-Dogg January 13, 2004
another word to describe something as cold/chilly etc
"brrr... it's a bit nish outside"
by R0b September 08, 2004
An archaic word originating from Newfoundland meaning Week, or Feeble.
Tom was so nish last night, even viagra couldn't save him
by 7orange June 19, 2004
Sadly in agreement; or unwillingly admitting something you are bad at doing.
John- "you're really really socially awkard, and you're bad at making friends."

You- "nish." "i guess so."
by BeefChildMan June 13, 2010
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