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A nirmis is someone who is married to a fredson. They have 3 kids: Nirson, frirmis and moist. A nirmis generally eats eggshells and normally is afraid of bandanas (bandophobia). He/ she looks like courage the cowardly dog and has seven toes, which in between he/she keeps food which he/she would like to share with snoopy the cartoon dog. a nirmis makes shrines for snoopy the dog daily.
"Ugh dont be such a nirmis..."

"Get out of here you snoopy worshiping nirmis"
by fimbicusgland July 17, 2011
a nirmis an incredibly disturbing, self-confident, noobish, materialistic person who appears to be modest by appearance but secretly wants to be a whore. when something doesn't go right it is all facade as if it was meant to be and nirmises always lie about their sexuality. they look up to all the wrong people and make up nirlfriends.
stfu u nirmis no one cares what u think, stop being a nerdy whore and just stop pretending u have a girl/boyfriend.
by isSmathreal March 19, 2011
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