(noun - offensive slang)
Used as a disparaging term for a homosexual man.
"Did you see that guy staring at my cock? He's such a nirmal"
by Dictionary April 10, 2005
Ability to scan a female of any species up to the last detail. People with this condition can see right through the clothes (or fur, as the case may be) and can form a detailed report about the subject's anatomy in their mind. For human beings the focus is kept on boobs and ass.
1. Boy to friend: Oh, she is hot. Can you nirmal her and tell me her bra size?

2. One nirmal to another: Did u see the mole there?
by sones February 18, 2008
Nirmal(Adjective/Adverb) is the Hindi/Sanskrit word,
which means Pure and Innocent.

Eg: Nirmallan(Innocent guy)

Also used used sarcastically.
Girl:We should not do this

Boy:Now don't you play Nirmal on me.
by Ciri December 05, 2011
The randiest man in the world, other names include big pete and nirm. Used to be the goali for cameroon.
wow .. that guy is so randy! its gotta be nirmal
by Nirmal January 12, 2005
An Indian Kid who plays Pokemon and annually loses his pants spectacularly at school. Typically names pokemon after rappers and/or Justin Bieber.
Kid1: Who's that kid?

Kid2: Thats Nirmal.
Kid3: I got his pants!!!

by WizardMaster 554321 May 24, 2011
A purple female cat from the cartoon show Garfield.
"Hey Odie, have you seen Nirmal, she's such a bitch"
by Jon April 10, 2005
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