the new synonym for something amazingly cool.
Cora: wow, this hash what is the word?

Mike: it's totally nipples.

Cora: yeah man, that's it! Nipples!
by kindred_sage2 June 24, 2009
a delicous rubber substance attached to a womans breast aka tit ,boob ,hot ass discs! is also found on men but only faggots or "homosexuals" like mens can be used in many sentences
that baby is sucking the bottles nipple.
i like your grandma's nipples.
stop being a nipple eating KOK guzzler!
by enjoi boarder November 29, 2005
there pink and sometimes pointy and some have hair some are big some r small
that dude has pepperoni nipples
by JAKE jay January 20, 2009
can be inverted, of many shapes and sizes,colors and textures, soft or wrinkley (if over the age of 60), usually attached to a mouth. can be compared to a loonie, with a raisin sitting on top. can be tweaked, rubbed, even pulled. (or pushed)
the nipples of her(his) salami titties pressed against a window p.s purple areolas with one lone hair
by cpt.n.tweak November 09, 2006
okay, girls do not like it when you play with their nipple, it doesn't feel good. Guys like to do it so girls let them. It doesn't actually feel good at all it's just one of those time wasting things you guys do. Don't think we like it.
Girls don't actually like it when you play with their nipples. It's kind of like oral sex. We don't get any thing from it but you like it so sometimes girls pretend or just deal with it.
by Susannnnnnn November 04, 2007
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