(noun)circular object protruding off a female's chest. Especially used for feeding babies and in foreplay.
I find her nipple very erotic, and the best part is that she has TWO of them !
by Jake January 18, 2004
Two dark spots on the end on a women's breasts that men suck in foreplay.
Man: Mmmmm *sucks nipple*
by Duh Dude February 14, 2006
the pointy part of a boob, or moob in a guy's case that is so damn fine (on a chick) it's incredible
your mom has great nipples!
by Jenna Jameson April 17, 2003
as a verb: to grab and tug a nipple, especially through clothing, especially roughly; in bdsm, a common way to find out if the girl you're making out with is really a sub or just playing in the scene.
I was making out with Megan and I nippled her real good while we were kissing; she started humping my leg so I knew she was one of us.
by passerthru October 28, 2007
(Meteorological adj., coll., chiefly Brit., vulg.) Cold. A term believed to have been coined to illustrate the effect of chilly conditions upon the erectile tissues of the human nipple.
By 'eck, padre, the duckpond's frozen over. It must be nipples out there!
by Just_Tom August 15, 2010
(verb) to pull or twist someone's nipple.
"Stop bothering me Derek, or else I'm going to nipple you!"
by wthchanel June 04, 2009
1) That precious spot in a female breast. Most of the times it could be brown. Males like to lick and suck on them. They also are used to feed a new born baby.
2) A nipple can also be that part of a babys drinking bottle they drink the fluids out of.
1) Man dude!! She got some big ass nipples!!

2) Look at my bro. hes been sucking all the milk outta the nipple
by lreyes December 20, 2011
Colloquial term for those little peanut butter cookies with the Hershey's Kiss in the middle. 'cause they kind of look like nipples.
I sure could go for a tasty nipple or two right about now.

Hey bro, don't bogart those nipples.
by Gareth Infinity October 12, 2009

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