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An industrial-type worker, male or female, who assures that nipples of various varieties are in proper working order.
This job might require various clamps, suction cups, pumps, and other assorted attachments...
"So, you're applying for nippleman, eh ?"
"Oh, yes Ma'am !!"
"Well, I hope you have a bit of experience..."
"Oh yes Ma'am, in Las Vegas and New Orleans.."
"Well, we'll try you for a few hours.."
"Oh, thank you Ma'am !!!!"
by johnny chingas April 24, 2009
Nipple Man is a when some one has 3 or more nipples, there for he is a Nipple Man. If it is the women with extra nipples I'd call Ripleys believe it or not or some freaky porn photo taker person.
"Look Bob has extra Nipples, there for he is a Nipple Man, get the Pitch Forks and torchs."
by Grimmy March 01, 2005
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