Slang term for a English policeman, used due to their Tit-shaped hats
"Oi Nippleheed, have you seen Babe, it's about a talking pig!"

"Ow, please stop hitting me with your nightstick you Nippleheed!!"
by user4 August 20, 2004
Top Definition
a word as such to describe air heads that have no idea what they are doing....
u F'n! nipple head!!!
by -Drift-R- August 28, 2003
1) Somebody with a small head
2) Somebody who is stupid
3) A good reply when someone calls you a dickhead
'shut the f*ck up you nipple head'
by UmpahLumpah March 12, 2009
Synonym of Boob when used in the context of being a fool or a boob. acting in immature or childish nature. Obscure usage by small ilk in Central Minnesota.
You nipple head!

Your such a nipple head!
by em_tee_tank April 22, 2010
A nipplehead is a scrawny, drug-dealer looking man (often black) with drooping jackets and sagging pants. They are referred to as nippleheads because of their toboggan, which is hanging loosely off the head, creating a raised point, causing their head to look like a nipple.
Sue: Did you see those guys yelling outside the ABC store?
Alice: Yeah, nippleheads are pretty annoying.
by SkullratSG January 27, 2011
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