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nipple sex is better than butt sex. it is so good you die after you have it so nobody knows exactly how good it is...
You talk to john lately? Naw man, I heard he had some nipple sex. Damn thats awesome...
by mryumyums March 24, 2011
when nipples collide
Foot ball player: OH Yeah! I GOT A TD

Foot ball player 2: YES! COME ON DUDE Chest BUMP!!!"
and then there nipples touched thus creating nipple sex
by jimmy jew jew April 09, 2011
An act of sexual relations whereby 2 parties (male or female) rub and play with nipples together. this could be considered an act of foreplay or a sexual act on its own.
"Oh my god, did you hear about Jesse and Christopher?" Exclaimed Alex. "Oh you mean that they were caught having nipple sex in the locker rooms" Replied Harry all the while laughing ecstatically.
by PaperKing April 20, 2015
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