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Another word for breast milk or breast secretions.
Brad has recently stopped shopping at the supermarket for baby formula due to all the nipple sauce Angelina has been producing on her own, for their six children.
by Cutsie McSunshine August 09, 2009
16 2
Something you say at a restaurant to get your waiter/waitress' attention
You: More Nipplesauce!

Waiter: Is there something you need?
by yeahyeaheah March 16, 2011
2 0
An sex act done by a male prior to orgasm, where he would ejaculate over the female's nipple(s), covering it entirely.
Tonya loves when I finish sex with a cum shot. So I decided to give her a shot of nipple sauce.
by Caffeine February 26, 2004
10 15
Used as filler for when you don't really feel like giving a yes or no answer to a question.
Q: MIke, can you go prep a bin of onions?
a: Nipple sauce...(mike walks away to go read the paper)
by Bowchickabowwow October 16, 2006
12 19