The act of stealing a cat's cat nip, or weed, for the express purpose to use it for ones own wishes, or simply because ones own stash has been depleated.
"Stop nipping from the cat and go buy your own!"
by Rojak August 31, 2011
Top Definition
When a woman's cold nipples poke erect through her shirt
Did you see Mrs. Johnson in class today? The room was freezing and she was nipping like a champion!
by mafioso April 22, 2003
A playful bite/peck; a kiss
David was nipping at my ankles

Milena after started nipping his neck <3
by colourful_clouds January 24, 2011
when its cold outside and your nipples start getting hard as fuck
Bro Its So cold Im Nipping
My bitch is nipping
Your mom is nipping my nigga
by YourFather_ March 15, 2016
1) the act of scratching someone's paint off of their vehicle with your nipples due to frigid weather

2) fucking shit up with your nipples
He annoyed me so much last night, I figured I would start my morning off by nipping his car.
by Tiscold January 07, 2015
When a girl lifts her shirt, exposing her breasts, and chest bumps a guy or girl. Works best when clothes are off.

A past Nipping can be referred to as Nipped.
Did you see that Nipping? Pretty awesome huh?

How about a little Nipping?

Dude, I just got nipped, that chick had some sweet ass tits!
by deific April 04, 2012
When someone is giving you head and decides to bite the tip of your penis off resulting in you cumming for 20 minutes than later your penis drys out and you may no longer use it again.
Last night's nipping was amazing
by the nipper February 07, 2011
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