An over exuberant fan of Nation Public Radio, its broadcasts, podcasts, and webpages. Known to schedule Saturday outing around the morning line up of Car Talk and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me? This person finds humor in jingles about ketchup and powdered milk and waits all week to hear what is going on in Lake Wopegon, Minnesota. They have been seen in sitting in the car twenty minutes after arrival to catch the last bit of This American Life. This person is not necessarily a member of their local affiliate, but feels guilty for not contributing more, despite being annoyed with the pledge drive.
Bob never listens to music in the car, he's such a Nipper.
by mingohills November 11, 2011
A short drink, or sip. A small bite of food. Something small, short, or quick.
Try this whiskey. Ok, I'll just take a nipper.

Ima take a nipper of a peek over yonder.
by Mrspaz October 16, 2013
The nipple of a male or female measuring a minimum of two or more inches in diameter.
Dude, your nippers are the size of fucking pepperonis.

He definitely got those nippers from his parents, it runs in the family.
by Yuby Hoo May 28, 2008
Those little white onion dudes in Super Mario 3 that jump and "nip" when you jump over them. Those sneaky buggers sometimes don't even nip.
Mario jumps to the pipe to reach his final destination. However, in the shadows lingers the nipper... ready to nip Mario in his ass, therefore either raping him of his power, size, or ultimately... a life.
by SUNRISE AGAINST NIPPERS November 07, 2008
nipper is an isle of wight word,
meaning somebodys son
"hey are you fred's nipper?"
by goten39 December 26, 2006
word to describe nipples on woman
Damn it was cold, I had some hard ass nippers!!!
by naruemon December 11, 2004
A nickname for weed.
let's go take some nippers. Oh it's 4:20, time for some nippers
by Mr. Nippers February 16, 2008
name / names of animals for instance dogs mainly.. make them the coolest dog in town ;)
my dogs called nipper
by mysticNIP October 10, 2009

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