The older name of the Wii the Nintendo revolution was to be in differrent colors such as,green,black,blue,white,and red. There were aso differrent accesories at the time the Nintendo Revolution had a controller the size suitable for a grown man or women not children it had a differrent button layout and was a lil unsafe with the "nunchuck" Nintendo Revolution's nunchuck was essentually the same except the plug in. The newer Wii have two notches on each side that lock into thw Wiimote instead of a flat surface that goes in.Nintendo Revolution had something in common with the PS3. Not name changing but color and and controller. The original idea of PS3 was a Satin silver 40GB system that was soupossed to be backwards compatible. The PS3 that is out today is a black 40GB non-backwards compatible system the older PS3 is a 60Gb backwards compatible system only. Th original dea had a large "boomerang" controller that upseted many Sony enthusiasts. It actually looked like a double edged dildo. The newer version has the original controller button layout and feel except for a dashboard button in the middle and "trigger" L2 and R2 buttons
I put a reservation on a Nintendo Revolution and got something called a Wii.
by yomommasucksyodaddy! March 26, 2008
The Nintendo Revolution is the next generation of Gaming, brought to you by nintendo. It is called the revolution because it "Revolutionizes" the way we game today.
It's controller looks like a Remote Control. It has in total (including the Analog attachment) 6 buttons. (Z1, Z2, A, B, a, b) Now correct me if i'm wrong, but most games now use more than 6 buttons, and almost all use at least 2 analog sticks. Also their, secret "revolutionary" function is that the controller can detect motion, adn replecate that in the game...

Basically, nintendo want's you to Sit there on your sofa waving your arms around like an idiot and expect to think of yourself as "cool" now some may tell you that: "Hey! you don't have to swing your arm, ayou can just move your wrists." Well you try and move your TV remote aroudn wit your wrists for a few hours? (hardcore gamers)

Nintendo is also trying to appeal to "non gamers" with the "familliar design of a remote control" Nintendo want's everyone to be able to pick up the controller and say, "Hey! this is fun." It's a nice plan i admit, but there is one fatal flaw...

Hardcore Gamers. These are the kinds of people who will spend a few hours a day playing video games. They only buy the best of the best games out there. They look for depth, gameplay, and length in a game. Also partially graphics.
Now, these people and "non gamers" don't really mix well when trying to cater to. Non gamers may not enjoy insanely complex puzzeles or 60hr storylines that hardcore gamers may want. This is the problem.

Nintendo may be catering to the "non gamers", but totally screwing over the hardcore gamers, the fans who have defended and supported them for a long time.
Hey! a nintendo Revolution. Let's play it!
Sure this could be fun

Wow that was fun.
Ya seriously

Hey a nintendo Revolution. I wanna try!
Ok let's go!
come on... That story was weak.... tis game only lasted a few hours...
Ya and my wrists hurt...
by Jimbo Slven April 15, 2006
The codename for Nintendo's next system, to be revealed at E3 '05. Said to revolutionize gaming and is rumored to lack a D-Pad and A/B buttons.
I'm going to EBGames to pick up a Nintendo Revolution.
by The All-Knower December 27, 2004
The new Nintendo system coming out in May 2006 that will shock everyone. It is an immersive experience like no other and the controller and the "extra peripheral" work together seemlessly.
Dude i am Nintendo Revolutioned in this movie it is so immersive.
by aZm November 04, 2005
a wii that is the most over rated 250 doller, plastic impulse buy. it just has 1 good 3rd party game and this is a definition that is made in 2009 not pre realease hype
damnit this has no games. stupid nintendo revolution
by symple jack January 30, 2009
Nintendo's next console. They claim the revolutionary part of the console will be the controller, which they have yet to reaveal. All we know now is it is going to be less powerful then PS3 and Xbox 360, but easier to develop for. It has the ability to play gamecube games and download NES, SNES and N64 titles, but probably not ones made by 3rd Party developers. It can also be plugged into a computer monitor.
What kind of controller completly changes the way we play games and is used for old Nintendo titles?
by Marbarian July 15, 2005
Nintendo's new "revolutionary" console which supposedly will change the gaming industry with it's 4 buttons for gameplay including the nunchuk attachment (look up a picture on a search engine), arm-aching motion-sensing technology which requires a steady hand if one doesn't want to make an un-wanted move, and clever marketing scheme which involves describing any potential competition as "focusing on graphics, not gameplay".

In reality, Nintendo is focusing completely on non-gamers to make money in the console business, while targeting "core-gamers" in the handheld business. They do not "love" their fans. They want to make the system appealing and attractive to those who wouldn't normally play video games, thus, the die-hard fans will find a severe lack of fun to be found. Any dispute about this is not valid, as only a handful of people outside of Nintendo themselves has played it.
Iwata: "It's designed like a TV remote because that's familiar to everyone including those who are intimidated by a two-handed controller. Its intuitive form allows both experienced and new gamers to stand on the same starting line."

Translation: Screw you hard-core gamers! We don't need you; we're targeting a larger audience! Our Nintendo Revolution controller will be simple and inviting for those who don't play games often. Go give us your money through our numerous hand-helds!
by Revhalewshun April 14, 2006
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