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To be physically damaged by a ninja.
"Sorry boss, I wont be in work today, I have a severe 'ninjury' ."
by Omegatron Hard'mofo'castle September 04, 2011
1 0
1. injuries caused by ninja attacks.
Those weren't regular injuries on the pirates, those were ninjuries caused by the ninja known as Debs
by Wild and Witless May 18, 2006
34 4
an injury of unkown origin, thus being attributed to a ninja
"Man check out this ninjury on my shoulder! how the hell did that happen?!"

"You got ninjured bad"
by Oscarararararararara February 04, 2010
17 2
the act or process of being injured by a ninja
He was in the field picking peaches from a tree when he was ambushed and suffered a ninjury.
by Otrant May 14, 2006
20 10
injury of unexplained origin, often attributed to inebriated activities.
where'd all these bruises come from? that was a big night last night. Damn ninjury.
by tasteyface July 27, 2010
10 1
When a Ninja gets harmed, burned, cut, or hurt.
Ninja one- Hey man hows your ninjury doing?

Ninja two- Im doing fine now thanks.
by Big Naurt May 18, 2011
2 1
Injury sustained whilst in the act of sneaking or attempting to sneak.
When creeping around in dark and unfamliar surroundings it is easy to cause yourself ninjury.
by thebathtubsophist January 09, 2012
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