1. Ninjaneers are mammals
2. Ninjaneers fight ALL of the time
3. The purpose of the ninjaneer is to flip out and kill people with their engineering marvels
a random college student at an engineering college somewhere in clabber girl country who KICKS PEOPLES ASSES

Ninjaneers fight ALL of the time
by rhittrumpet December 09, 2005
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An expert engineer class for Team Fortress 2. One who can ninja through the enemy offensively to create a dirty sentry, or find a nice home defensively that the enemy can't overcome.
That {oBs} clan sure is full of ninjaneers!
by {oBs} October 18, 2009
Species of superior intelligence. The most intelligent of the engineering field. SO superior in fact that the ninjaneer is able to kick ass only using his mind.
The work was perfect because a ninjaneer did it.
by Amalia R June 12, 2007
Someone that solves seemingly intractable problems and stealthily submits the solution so as to remain anonymous.
When the development team arrived this morning we found that some unknown ninjaneer had checked in several uberbug fixes overnight.
by dmitchell78721 June 06, 2013
Noun: A person who designs an infallible plan with impeccable craftmanship, and/or proceeds, virtually invulnerable and unstoppable by any opposition, to carry out to completion said scheme, and while operating with a skillset which displays such a degree of mastery, so perfectly flawless in it's precision, that it appears as though the performer/ance is almost supernatural. ₯Verb: Ninjaneering: The act of scheming and/or executing with seemingly remarkable artistry, an invincible strategy, concocting and/or enacting an unbeatable, indestructible, foolproof set of plans.
1) My 18 month old son is such a little badass: you should see him running around- he is an absolute ninjaneer on that playground! 2) Candace is so deluded, thinking she can ninjaneer a breakup between me and my man, as that bitch just doesn't possess the skills.
by KMurda September 01, 2012
one who creates and practices ninja theory and attack
D MAN, head ninjaneer,practices ninja technique in solitude.
by Justice Ras December 19, 2007
To stealthily engineer some type of an event
My friends weren't supposed to get married atop the Empire State Building, so we ninjaneered the ceremony so the guards wouldn't see.
by Billy Red June 25, 2012

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